Becky Bettesworth talks at SDC Global Enterprise Week 2015

South Devon College

Becky talks to Business students during Global Enterprise Week November 2015

Becky talks to Business students at South Devon College 

Becky Bettesworth visited South Devon College during Global Enterprise Week 2016 and gave a presentation to a group of business students about her journey to becoming the successful artist and business person. When asked "what did you learn from the talk?" these student responses typified the feedback:


"I found Becky Bettesworth very inspirational and she has changed my mind on setting up my own business, I have also taken into consideration the efforts and passion that has to be put into this to make it achievable."


"One thing I can reflect on is that I feel like she has made me believe more in myself and that I feel a lot more inclined to do better and to succeed."


"I learnt from the talk that Becky Bettesworth gave that if you really want to achieve something, then you must be passionate about it and work very hard for it. One thing that I will now do differently is that I will have a different perspective on what I want to do with my life and my career choices. The talk was very knowledgeable and inspiring and has made me determined to work harder for what I want."


"Both Becky's passion for her career and her self-belief and the need for these attributes came across to her audience. Becky Bettesworth is not only a successful artist and business person; she is also an inspirational speaker. Thank you Becky!"

 Bob Tapp, Section Head Business & Tourism at South Devon College

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