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Becky is working in partnership with other local businesses who make and produce a high end range of products and merchandise using her vintage style travel posters, seaside and quote prints.  Listed below are the suppliers with a link to their respective websites.  


Glebe Cottage - The Eco Friendly Card Company - Greetings Cards

Glebe Cottage are Devon based and produce a fantastic range of greetings cards with Becky's unique prints and posters.  Glebe are known as the Eco Friendly Card Company due to their commitment in ensuring that their products are made from 100% recycled content and they use FSC certified materials.  Their commitment to environmental matters is exceptional.  Read their Eco-commitments on their website.  The cards are available to both the public and to wholesale customers.

For wholesale, checkout the full bespoke range of cards at:


and for the public you can checkout the full range at:



Kernow Chocolate - Becky Bettesworth Collection

Kernow Chocolate are a family run business based in St Eval, Cornwall.  They have developed a number of flavours, ranging from chocolatey classics to the weird and wonderful. Using Becky's prints they have created vibrant and eye catching chocolate covers that make wonderful gifts and presents.  Why not visit the factory and find out how they make the chocolate.  

Checkout the full bespoke collection below:



Carousel Calendars

Carousel Calendars are based in Exeter, Devon and are one of the UK's largest wholesale Calendar and Diary distributors.   They are working in collaboration with Becky and produce a slimline and square calendar and an A5 hard backed desk diary to showcase Becky's seaside prints.  These items are available to buy from stockists all over the United Kingdom.  



Proctor and Clark

Proctor and Clark are based in South Devon and produce a range of gifts using Becky's artwork.  Scarves, Placemats, Coasters, Tea Towels, Cushions, Compact Mirrors. These items are available to buy from stockists all over the United Kingdom.