Children from East Allington Primary recreate beautiful artwork from Becky's collection

Message from Becky to the Year 5 & 6 pupils at East Allington School

"WOW!!!!! What amazing budding artists you are!!!

Your pictures that you have done are AMAZING!!!!

Really really well done, you have worked so hard and the end results are incredible and I am so so impressed.

So sorry I couldn't be with you in person, I hope you enjoyed the art project and recreating your very own Becky Bettesworth pictures.... WELL DONE

 all my love Becky

 ps.... keep drawing and sketching and loving doing it too!!!"


In the summer term, the children in Years 5 and 6 at East Allington Primary School, were working on a topic in class titled, 'Where We Live'. Being a small school in South Devon, Becky's artwork tied in beautifully with our local areas and so during our Arts Week, we worked on generating paper collage replicas of Becky's prints, linked to Plymouth, Dartmouth and Thurlestone. The children worked in twos and threes to create an image which would mirror a Becky Bettesworth print. The next day, they were given the task of designing an image which would represent one of the local areas, of either East Allington, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth or Salcombe. After working together in small groups to create a final design, they then used canvas boards and acrylic paints to create their eye-catching designs. 

 The children really enjoyed the project and could be seen showing off their work to their parents and families on the Arts Open Afternoon. The work received many compliments and receiving an email from Becky, congratulating them on their artwork, really gave the project true meaning and value for the children. 

Lisa Rosewarne, East Allington Primary School Years 5 & 6

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