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Becky Bettesworth vintage style motivational poster 'DREAM BIG'

January is renowned for being a bit of a funny long month and isn't up there as a favourite for many!!   However, I have to say that this year I have been totally the opposite and have embraced January and have been really creative and have LOVED it!

Time has seemed to go slower and there has been less chaos in my Arty head and more focus and clarity.

The start of the year is a great time to not only reflect on what you may want to do differently but more importantly I feel it is to notice the things you want to concentrate on and to make a bit of a plan for the year ahead. There is a great sense of positivity with space and room to think and just 'DREAM BIG'.

I feel it is about the power of dreaming and to visualise this then becoming a future reality. With this in mind I wanted to create a picture with this positive and aspirational quality, so I chose a diddy little vintage fiat 500 (which happens to be my absolute favourite car of all time!).  It is looking out to sea as if it is dreaming to be big itself one day!  It naturally had to be red as it is bold, brave, confident and quirky, full of personality and love.

The idea of the multicoloured balloons being released is showing an act of confidence and a start of a journey of faith and hope, letting go of fear and doubt and throwing caution to the wind!

In life chances and risks need to be taken and quite often it is fear that holds us back. However at the start of the year and a new decade we can be positive, brave and can simply DREAM BIG'
I wanted the picture to have light fluffy clouds for bouncing around ideas and being free spirited.  Rising above fear and reaching new horizons.  On a weightless journey like the seagulls!
Have you spotted the little rainbow too? There is something truly magical about a rainbow and also something very positive, accepting and beautiful, where dreams can come true and your pot of gold can be found.
Whatever age you are I believe your opportunities for 2020 are endless, so don't let limitations or fear hold you back. Here's to a brilliant year and don't forget to 'DREAM BIG'

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Barbour X Becky Bettesworth
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