Nativity Bollards hit the National Press! 🌟

So our amazing little nativity bollards made national press today in The Times and Telegraph which is just crazy and fabulous!!!! 🌟

So I thought I’d give a little background info and insight in how they were created, as they certainly aren’t all from me! I had the fun idea of wanting to decorate the bollards in a Christmasy theme and mentioned the idea to my dear friend Rachel Harris who lives up the road to see what she thought…this was 3 years ago in 2019.
She agreed with me that it would look great so along with her and another friend Shona Wren (and should have been Penny Jones, but she was too busy at her super successful Deli down the road) we set to and made Mary, Joseph and Angel Gabriel first.
We thought it would add some fun and cheer to passers by and the children heading down to school love them especially.
The bases are made of chicken wire and we had so much fun making them, although burnt our fingers with the glue gun a few times, especially making baby Jesus (who was quite intricate to make and is of course revealed on Christmas Day!) We made sure the reflective bands on the actual bollards are still visible, so the figures just popped on top.
Next came the three wise men, material kindly donated by Pennys Great Great Aunt!
The shepherds (with beards kindly donated by Leuan the dog) and two sheep were added last year, but one unfortunately was stollen and although a lost board was put out, it was never returned!!
During the past 2 years they have been wearing Covid masks, which were statutory to wear and they wore their flu and Covid jab stickers too with pride. Angel Gabriel even had an added rainbow accessory to show his appreciation to the wonderful NHS staff! 🌈
So this year all the well loved figures are back (minus the sheep!) and passers by have said that it’s not Christmas till the nativity bollards are there and notes of appreciation are often left, which is lovely.
Rachy Shona, Penny and myself are super proud of the bollard Nativity and we hope they are loved by all and we wish you a very very happy Christmas x

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