Seas The Day Print onboard The Queen Mary 2

I had an amazing afternoon presenting my Seas the Day picture to the Captain of The Queen Mary 2... (covid safely of course!) It is such an elegant Ocean Liner and the scale of it blew me away as we approached this magnificent vessel. Once we had delivered the picture - care of kind local boatmen Ashley and Ken - they had a presentation on the bridge with Captain Chris Wells, Hotel General Manager Naomi McFerran and Jonathan Leavor who kindly arranged everything.

Becky Bettesworth visit to the Cunard Queen Mary 2

Cunard Queen Mary 2 visit

I created my Seas The Day picture featuring the Queen Mary 2, so what an honour to have the opportunity to be invited to go up close to her to deliver a framed and signed print to the Captain!

Cunard Queen Mary 2 visit


I created this picture for two reasons, firstly to capture the stunning cruise ships that have anchored quietly offshore in Torbay and along the coast during 2020/21. Gazing out to sea at them offers a symbol of hope on the horizon in what has been an incredibly difficult time for so many people.  Seas the Day was created to remind us to do the things we want to do when there is the chance instead of waiting for a later time.  The rainbow is an iconic symbol at these strange times and is a reminder of hope and better times ahead too.

Secondly I was also inspired to create this picture due to the current global situation we are in and due to Covid, I feel that it is even more important to be aware of Mental health, especially in teenagers, boys and men.  I feel my picture has deep conotations of keeping strong and can be linked with someone's inner mental state of mind.

I have known a few young adult men who have sadly suffered from depression and tragically taken their own lives. Recently whilst out on a walk I helped a young individual who felt like there was no way out and had lost all hope. By chatting with him it made me realise what a massive problem there is in society and that we need to be there for each other, friends, family and strangers in the community.

So I am donating £1.00 for every Seas the Day artwork purchased to the charity MIND. 

Becky Bettesworth Seas The Day picture

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