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Becky Bettesworth

Seas the Day vintage style retro quote poster by Becky Bettesworth


Seas the Day vintage style, retro quote poster is created by award winning Devon artist, Becky Bettesworth. Her quotes and vintage style seaside prints and posters are inspired by the classic 1930s travel posters. 

Seas the Day was created for two reasons, firstly to capture the stunning cruise ships that have anchored quietly offshore in Torbay and along the coast during 2020/21. These magnificent cruisers include the Queen Mary.  Gazing out to sea at them offers a symbol of hope on the horizon in what has been an incredibly difficult time for so many people.  Seas the Day was created to remind us to do the things we want to do when there is the chance instead of waiting for a later time.  The rainbow is an iconic symbol at these strange times and is a reminder of hope and better times ahead too.

I was also inspired to create this picture due to the current global situation we are in and due to Covid, I feel that it is even more important to be aware of Mental health, especially in teenagers, boys and men.  I feel my picture has deep conotations of keeping strong and can be linked with someone's inner mental state of mind.

I have known a few young adult men who have sadly suffered from depression and tragically taken their own life. Recently whilst out on a walk I helped a young individual who felt like there was no way out and had lost all hope. By chatting with him it made me realise what a massive problem their is in society and that we need to be there for each other, friends, family and strangers in the community.

So I am donating £1.00 for every Seas the Day artwork purchased to the charity MIND. 

Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales and offers information and advice to people who need support and help with their mental health.

Seizing the day means that you are making the most of your day and not putting things off or relying on the future. It has a great feel to it, it's inspiring, and it can be a pretty motivating reminder to not let the day you're in pass you by due to circumstances outside of your control.  When you seize the day, you live in the present moment and get busy living life and feel more empowered. It can benefit your health and happiness in many ways, and you will become more aware of opportunities that are present and take action on those opportunities.



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Print  210mm x 297mm

Framed & Double Mount 417mm x 550mm


Print  420mm x 594mm

Framed  500mm x 670mm

Framed & double mount  625mm x 800mm 


Print  594mm x 841mm

Framed & double mount  834mm x 1081mm 

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